Guia para remover los Banners de ICQ

Aca va, espero les sirva.
Before we start the banner removal you need to backup your contact list. Simply follow these steps and open up your ICQ to:
1. My ICQ.
2. Save/Load Contact List.
3. Now save your list.
Now that you have saved your Contact List on the main ICQ server it’s time to check to make sure it is saved on the ICQ main server. Open up your browser and navigate to . Now start ICQ Lite and Login to your account and check if your entire Contact List is loaded. If your entire list loads then proceed on but if not go back to the backing up process as mentioned above till it works.
You must now uninstall ICQ. Once you do that download the version you currently have or a newer one; complete the installation process but DO NOT START ICQ YET. Now you must follow these steps for the ad banner removal process to work.
1. Before the first start of ICQ, delete the ICQHttp.dll and ICQHtpp_.dll (in the ICQ-directory).
2. Now start up ICQ to make sure that the process is completed. Open up a message window and take note if there is an ad banner below your typing space. If it is not there then congratulations but if it's still there repeat the deletion process over.
17 years, 11 months ago
Publicado por TaLeBan eh ? what ?
me anote en una lista de mails, y me llego un mail tuyo, con lo mismo
17 years, 11 months ago
Muy buena info, Gracias Raul maestro..
Tambien copio la informacion de
entren a mi pagina hice dos programas para sacar los banners molestos del icq, lean bien o pregunten antes de hacer cagada no me responsabilizo si se usa MAL
mi icq es 17289292
saludos, Gaspar
17 years, 11 months ago
Publicado por nfomatias pero desinstalen esa basura e instalense el trillian. Chau ICQ.
Si, pero cuantas personas usan ese programa, es conpatible con el ICQ?
17 years, 11 months ago

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